House Cleaning

We support with general cleaning tasks like vacuuming, mopping, cleaning toilet and bathroom, dusting and sweeping

Meal Preperation

We can come to your house and work with you for cooking the meals you like. We support with chopping vegetables, shopping for ingredients, sorting and storing meals for you.

Laundry Assistance

We can take care of all your washing, ironing and folding. We can come to your house and do the laundry or we can get it done in a laundromat (coin-laundry) of your choice.

Shopping & Errands

Grocery shopping? A trip to post office to pay a bill? Commute to the chemist to pick up medicines? We can either take you there or can do these things for you


Lawn Mowing? Hedge Trimming? Pruning? Mulching? Contact us today and we can support you to maintain your garden the way you like.

Window Cleaning

We can attend to window cleaning inside and outside of single storey houses. Contact us today and get a better view of the world.

Gutter Cleaning

Need help with cleaning your gutters? If you are in a Single Storey house, our gardening workers can happily assist you with this. In some cases, we can offer same-day service as well.


If you or your loved ones are looking for someone to have a cuppa with or someone just to have a chat with, we can assist with providing great listeners and support professionals. Our services are available in your home or in your community.

Getting out and About

We can support with going out for lunches, religious services and other important things out in the community. Our workers can provide transportation, assistance with transfers and supervision as required.

Personal Care and Daily Living

Our workers can provide anything from a little stand by assistance to a lot of hands-on assistance to support you with yours or your loved ones personal care like showring, grooming, etc and other activities of daily life like feeding, toileting and assistance with medicines.

Transport Assistance

When you or your loved ones require more hands on support than a taxi or a hire car, we are here to help. Our workers will be offering transport in their own cars. Rest assured that all of them have valid drivers license and their cars are comprehensively insured and registered.

Welfare Checks

Worried about someone not answering your phones or on their own for long in their homes? One of our workers can drop in and check with them and can even make a phone call to you with them. They can also check if they had their meals and medicines and can assist with them as required.

Contact Us

Send us a message and we will get back to you within 2 business hours


G8, 84 Hotham Steeet, Preston VIC 3072
Mon-Fri 09:00 am to 04:00 pm

Phone Number

Office:03 9052 4141

After-hours:0468 480 247


PO Box 1547, Melton West VIC 3337

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